Colorado Bankruptcy Courts (CO)

Local Rules in the Colorado Bankruptcy Court in Denver and surrounding areas

The Clerk of the court for the Colorado Bankruptcy Court maintains copies of Local Rules that apply in all cases. Additionally, be aware that judges may require specific duties for all cases, or that specific counties and regions may have additional requirements. Most proficient Colorado lawyers and law firms maintain a current copy and are familiar with all requirements. For inexperienced attorneys however, and debtors who choose to represent themselves, the ukase and edict requirement creates a compliance trap that may result in unnecessary dismals.

Locations For Colorado Bankruptcy Court Clerks:

The Colorado Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Denver, Grand Junction, and Pueblo.

Certainly, the IRS reputation for a circumambient presence is evident in all cases file in Colorado. Upon filing, the IRS is automatically notified and reports all back taxes, unpaid taxes, levies, liens, and penalties applicable to all involved social security numbers. Most taxes are non-dischargeable, and receive priority status. The priority requires payment to the IRS before distribution or payment to secured creditors or general unsecured creditors. Anyone owing back taxes would be wise to avoid Chapter 7 until a suitable IRS settlement or payment arrangement is in place.