California Bankruptcy Courts (CA)

Dealing with objections in California bankruptcy court proceedings

All cases filed in California bankruptcy courts are subject to objections. For consumers, be aware that the court may file objections upon it's own motion, in addition to objections filed by creditors, the assigned trustee, or any party holding a boa fide interest in the case. Most often, objections filed by the court seek dismissal based on errors or omissions caused by the debtor. Common reasons for dismal include the failure to file all forms, late filing, and late chapter 13 payments. Creditor objections tend to based on alleged inaccuracies in balances owed, disposition of assets, and objections to appraisals. As a point of stasis, most trustees evaluate all objections and provide the court with a recommendation in connection with all objections filed by creditors.

California Bankruptcy Court Locations:

California Eastern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto, and Sacramento.

California Northern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Eureka, Oakland, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Rosa.

California Southern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: San Diego. County served: Imperial County and San Diego County.

California Central Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, and Woodland Hills.

The effects of filing are perdurable, and even shocking to a few debtors. Be aware, filing creates a public record which may be found by other courts, law enforcement offices, omitted creditors, and any other interested person. Frequently, when outstanding warrants are found or past due child support payments remain outstanding, law enforcement officers greet debtors after court appearances to serve citations or arrest warrants.