Arizona Bankruptcy Courts (AZ)

Filing Fees charged by Arizona courts and payments in installments

All cases require payment of a filing fee. The fee must be paid in cash by debtors, or, if filed by an Arizona bankruptcy attorney, may be paid through an electronic account. The clerk also maintains a perfunctory option for making payments for filing fees in installments, which requires completion of an official application for approval. The filing fee offsets costs incurred by the Arizona courts for administrative processing, notice letters, and other routine filing and office expenses.

Clerks of the Arizona Bankruptcy Court And Filing Offices:

Arizona Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Phoenix, Prescott, and Yuma.

Anyone interested in how to file bankruptcy yourself should be aware that Arizona courts do not offer special assistance to pro se debtors. Each debtor is responsible for the accuracy of all documents. For example, if a creditor is omitted in subsequent motions or pleadings, the court may or may not allow rejoinder for discharge. Simple errors are common in pro se cases. After implementation of new and more stringent rules, almost any error can result in dismissal.