Alaska Bankruptcy Courts (AK)

How Alaska courts provide notice to creditors from the list provided by debtors

Almost immediately, when receiving the list of creditors, the clerk of the court generates notice letters to all creditors. These letters inform creditors of their right to appear and provide basic information about the case. The Alaska bankruptcy courts do not send these notice letters by certified mail, so that transmutation of address in transcription, typographical errors, and simple omissions will all result in a creditor being excluded from notice. Any creditor who does not receive notice of the case is not bound by subsequent action, and further, if debtors intentionally misleading the court or creditors, the case may be dismissed with fines and penalties imposed.

Alaska Bankruptcy Court Locations:

Alaska Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Nome.

The clerk of the court and support staff are prohibited from providing debtors with legal representation. This prohibition is construed broadly, so that personnel may not advise, suggest, recommend or otherwise offer legal assistance to debtors or creditors equally. In almost all circumstances, the clerk and support staff remain impervious to requests for legal advice, but do provide official filing instructions and forms free of charge.